2023 Annual Report

Dear supporters,

There has never been a more poignant time in the housing landscape to advocate for CLT’s in Australia.

Our first year has been dynamic, building an agile board of experts across community development, academia and well versed rebels wanting housing firmly entrenched as a human right.

I am excited and optimistic about our second year with so much funding channelled towards social and affordable housing.

To build on this, we are drafting an open source ‘prescribed lease’ to assist CLT steering groups and their residents. This will make it easier for residents to receive mortgage approval.

Another focus for the coming year is the development of a CLT accelerator program. This will assist steering groups to get to the council planning approval stage.

To assist this, we have just hired a new campaign manager Emma Belcher. She will lead on community engagement via the accelerator, helping to build the movement.

We are determined make progress on this vital housing alternative to the private rent or buy options currently dominating the tenure landscape. We thank you for your support.

Read the annual report.

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