Grounded is a not-for-profit organisation established to advocate, incubate and accelerate the development of Community Land Trusts in Australia. The group has come together to ensure a diverse mix of housing models is possible.

Our name is borne out of the need for more realistic land prices, out of grounding a community with a commitment to not only the best practices on land and housing economics, but also on the social side, with a commitment to social change


“One CLT can do more for housing affordability than 400,000 lots in the development pipeline.”

Our Director

“One CLT can do more for housing affordability than 400,000 lots in the development pipeline.”

Karl Fitzgerald, the founder and Director of Grounded, is an economist and former Director of Research at Prosper Australia, where he led an innovative research and reform agenda over 18 years. His work focused on the role of speculative investment and its impact on housing affordability. In his role at Prosper, Karl directed the Speculative Vacancy reports series for over 14 years. This led to the establishment of the Victorian Vacancy Tax, which the UN Special Rapporteur favourably referenced.

Karl also played a pivotal role in advocating for Victoria’s Rezoning Windfall Gains Tax. This was introduced to return rezoning profits back to communities for vital infrastructure, including public transport and schools. Prosper’s Staged Releases report, authored by Karl and published in 2022, disproved the myth that housing supply trickles down into affordability, critiquing the edifice that current housing affordability policy rides on. Read the Op-ed about how developers use ‘gold tape’ to maximise profits.

Karl believes that a community led alternative is urgently required and Community Land Trusts are the vehicle needed. This will provide an important alternative to the dominant housing models, adding competitive pressures whilst foregrounding equity and justice.

Our Board

Ivanna Capture You

Bo Kitty
Business development

Alex Stott

Vice President
Alex Stott
Events and community development

Karl fitzgerald

Karl Fitzgerald

Matt doran

Matt Doran
IT entrepreneur


Board Member
Lenka Thompson
Planner and council housing officer

Lewis_SKITTRALL_030-2 (1)

Board Member
Lewis Skittrall
Commerical Building Manager

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Board Member
Elle Vallance
Innovator – Human centred design

John Shone

Board Member
John Shone
Foodbuilt entrepreneur

Kathryn Anderson head shot

Board Member
Kathryn Anderson
Strategist – Scholar – Consultant


Ex-officio Board Member
Tom Alexander
Housing Programs Manager




Our values

Grounded has been built on a foundation of core values that guide and direct all of the work we do.

We are:

Grounded in recognition

We acknowledge that the land that we live, work and learn on has been expertly managed by First Nations people for tens of thousands of years.

Grounded in place

We believe that land needs to be managed and cared for according to its unique, place-specific needs.

Grounded in ecology

We believe that responsible land management is critical to addressing our interwoven spiritual, social and environmental crises.

Grounded in justice

We believe that everybody deserves a home to call their own and a piece of land to nurture and protect in posterity.

Grounded in equity

We believe that land values must be grounded to the reality of our incomes in order to ensure affordability over seven generations.

Grounded in responsibility

We recognise our responsibility to future generations to build a greener, fairer, more equitable and kinder world.

Grounded in community

We understand that there has never been a more important time for people to come together around a shared vision for what our collective future can be.

Registered as Grounded Land Advocacy Inc 
ABN 54 131 330 120

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