We are living in a society where two million property investors have control of both the housing market and the politics surrounding it. This has caused a desperate situation where many kids can’t afford to leave home until well into adulthood; where solo mothers and their children are living in cars; and where retirees are finding long-term refuge in caravan parks.

Meanwhile, as the impacts of climate change and environmental breakdown ravage more and more communities across the country, Australians are growing increasingly aware of the importance of building and sustaining strong and resilient communities that prioritise fairness, equity, and responsible land stewardship.

We urgently need a citizen-led response to the hollowing out of a core human right – a place to call home.

Community Land Trusts offer a much-needed alternative to the broken buy/rent duopoly through the delivery of an affordable, equitable and sustainable model that prioritises people and the planet.

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