Channelling Airbnb Profits Towards Community Land Trusts

Karl Fitzgerald will present the details behind the report ‘Airbnb: From housing problem to solution’. This is world first research, with a cap ‘n trade system proposed to cap airbnbs, reduce their number, auction off operational licences and channel the funding towards affordable housing (Community Land Trusts).

Two outcomes, one policy, zero government cost.

Some Airbnb entrepreneurs like this system because it won’t decimate their industry like the 60 day cap. Could they find a way to rekindle their social licence?

Join us for what could be either a love in or a heated discussion! Along the way we will discuss how we ranked the 13 tourism towns according to the impact of short term rentals on their community.

Professor Peter Phibbs will provide a national policy overview. Councillors in the hotspots analysed have been invited to attend and discuss the impact of STRs on their people, with further discussion on the cap n trade system to follow.

We support Community Land Trusts because they can both lock in perpetual affordability whilst enabling scalability. For that reason we say they are the gold standard in shared equity. Read more on them here.

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Due to the coverage on ABC News, The Business and with Ch9 News about to release a high impact piece too, we decided to delay the event a week. Apologies for any inconvenience, it will be recorded. 

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