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Bringing community led housing to fruition

Help us make affordable housing a reality before The Australian Dream becomes an urban myth…

We launched with a sense of camaraderie amongst a bigger crowd than expected, proving that word of mouth works when something is really needed. The good news is that the shaking of the tree – trying to find ethical landlords in Apollo Bay – has started to deliver results. At least one contact is meeting with friends who own land there. We look forward to keeping you posted on this campaign. What can we do to help your town?

A plug in the Australian Financial Review
An interview at the Colac Herald ($)
Some neat highlight clips were made out of this interview
Listen to this excellent interview on 3CR's Solidarity Breakfast (from 30.12 mins).

A few points from the launch. We have funding for a Community Land Trust in Apollo Bay but need …. land.

150 vacant land banks exist in the town, increasing in value by some $15m over just the last 12 months.

Bob Knowles told us that when the Chamber of Commerce wrote to all residents about the housing crisis, 12 homes were liberated from vacancy, but 6 landlords called their real estate agent to say ‘increase the rent’.

We must change this unethical culture, with such behaviour once known as the ‘public enemy’.

Sonia Arakkal reminded us how some of the most treasured aspects of national institutions such as Medicare are collectively based, and CLTs are a natural extension of this. 

Many good things are happening in Australia’s CLT movement with a number of projects approaching the runway.

Thanks for your support, 

the team at Grounded. 

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