Sense Making in Property with Morag Gamble

Renowned permaculturalist Morag Gamble recently invited Karl onto her podcast. Have a listen here. She writes:

Our housing system is broken, but where do we look for different ways forward and a theory of change?

Come and join me with economist Karl Fitzgerald from Grounded the new Community Land Trust Advocacy NGO (and formerly of Prosper Australia).

Karl advocates that a saner future awaits when we focus on a community land housing solution that moves us away from the speculative drive and sprawl. He is dedicated to creating and sharing new models and developing housing futures that are intertwined with the permaculture movement.

Listen throughout for how Karl cleverly describes this model of community land trusts through the language of permaculture principles, and describes a community-led affordable housing option.

So many possibilities presented. Grounded is researching ways forward – to come together. Grow together!

Karl mentioned:
Community land trust network UK
Cornwall CLT
Champlain CLT Vermont

Karl also mentioned the First Knowledges series of books.

This podcast is supported by Permaculture Education Institute – teaching permaculture teachers globally.

Photo by Austin Wehrwein on Unsplash

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