Make Your Own Rules

If you have ever thought of joining an intentional community, or dared to dream of setting one up, this is the event for you. 

Date: Wednesday March 1st
6 – 7.30pm via zoom. 
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How many times have you heard of a community that focused so hard on the set up that they didn’t plan for how people leave? Where a community finally buys the land but then gets bogged down over whether animals are allowed. This event is designed to help you plan through such hurdles with best practices in place. 

We are lucky to be joined by three wise heads who bring with them the wisdom of Australia’s intentional community learnings. 

Megan James is a founding member of Tuntable Falls (Nimbin), one of Australia’s oldest intentional communities. Peter Cock is also a founding member of Moora Moora, near Healesville (Victoria), formed at a similar time (following the Aquarius Festival 1973). Robin Clayfield  is speaking as someone who has lived for 35 years in the legendary Crystal Waters, where 250 people live on 640 acres of idyllic countryside near Maleny (Qld). 

Together they will try to answer: 

  • how best to establish a community across the legal, governance, social cohesion aspects
  • the commitment and priorities required to make it happen
  • best practices on governance
  • how a community ages over time and how to renew/ remain engaged both internally and externally.

The evening will be hosted by Karl Fitzgerald, Director of Grounded.

Grounded is a new NGO established to advocate for better policies to support intentional communities – particularly Community Land Trusts. 

We are looking forward to a deep-dive on this essential aspect to life on earth: how best to live together.  

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