Channelling Airbnb Profits Towards Community Land Trusts

Karl Fitzgerald will present the details behind the report ‘Airbnb: From housing problem to solution’. This is world first research, with a cap ‘n trade system proposed to cap airbnbs, reduce their number, auction off operational licences and channel the funding towards affordable housing (Community Land Trusts). Two outcomes, one policy, zero government cost. Some

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Airbnb Cap ‘n Trade Explainer

Grounded’s Airbnb: From a Housing Problem to Solution report looks at the impact of Short-Term Rental (STR) on communities in Australia’s tier one tourism towns.  The report recommends an innovative cap ‘n trade approach to rebalance the market towards long term trends.  Short term rentals such as Airbnbs have enjoyed an 81% higher return than investing

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New board for MACLL

Mount Alexander’s committed community of housing advocates met recently for an AGM at Shedshaker brewery. The aim was to elect a new board for the Mt Alexander Community Land Limited. After a debrief from past chairman Doug Falconer, the new board consists of Timothy Hurley, Delphine Laboureau-Ormancey, Karl Fitzgerald and John Shone. Spokesperson Karl Fitzgerald

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Build to Rent – Limited Outcomes

BTR Tax Concessions Submission• Commentary on Exposure Draft Legislation Read the PDF for the full footnoting.   Grounded makes this submission on behalf of those locked out of housing.  For profit developers rarely provide affordable housing at levels lower income earners require. Too much is known of BTR’s behaviour in the northern hemisphere to allow the

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Help to Buy: Senate Inquiry Presentation Hansard transcript FITZGERALD, Mr Karl, Managing Director, Grounded Community Land Trust Advocacy [by video link] O’CONNELL, Ms Kristin, Research and Policy, Antipoverty Centre [by video link] [13:12] CHAIR:  Welcome. I understand information on parliamentary privilege and the protection of witnesses giving evidence to Senate committees has been provided to you. Do you have a

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Help to Buy Legislative Submission

Inquiry: The Help to Buy Bill 2023 and the Help to Buy Bill (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2023 [Provisions] Grounded Community Land Trust Advocacy has been established to bring the gold standard of shared equity models to Australia. Community Land Trusts see the Trust maintaining ownership over the land to ensure perpetual affordability occurs. Residents need

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South Australian Budget Submission

Thank you for the opportunity to submit for budget and governance support to assist Grounded’s mission – to provide more community led development (CLD) and therefore perpetually affordable housing.  We note Treasurer Mullighan’s budget speech and his powerful statement that “home ownership has never felt further from their grasp.”  Our perspective comes from a strong

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