Grounded is mobilising to safeguard land and housing for future generations via Community Land Trusts

It’s time we turned necessary housing payments into a community resource that everyone can benefit from!

Holding land and housing in trust allows homebuyers greater flexibility, affordability and financial freedom.

Grounded is a not-for-profit organisation established to advocate, incubate and accelerate the development of Community Land Trusts in Australia.

What’s a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust is a housing development where affordable housing is prioritised with a pricing cap. The cap is locked at say 30% of the median wage in the area (calculated over 20 years). Importantly, the Trust acts to ensure this exists for the long run. It does this through a legal covenant on the land that is managed on behalf of the community.

Outcomes of CLTs
1. Housing is cheaper
2. Housing is more accessible
3. The value created by housing goes back to the community

Our new report demonstrates how we can cap Airbnb's and use the revenue for affordable housing.

Our Vision

Grounded is focused on bringing best practices to the affordable housing market in a new ‘for purpose’ housing model for Australia.

CLTs have been successful in the northern hemisphere in identifying raw community needs, whether that be in housing, farming, or saving a beloved local pub.

Together, we can get the economics right so that our land and housing payment streams go towards supporting our community, rather than draining it.

We can make affordable housing and responsible land stewardship a reality for all. Dig into CLTs here. 

Grounded has assembled a passionate team of changemakers determined to disrupt our current housing model and finally deliver real, intergenerational affordability. We hope you can join us as a member or donor.

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