Make Your Own Village

Affordable Housing for Daylesford

Our second event on the pathway to a Community Land Trust for Daylesford will focus on participatory design of the village. 

The steering committee of Debora, Vasko & Karl will provide an overview of what they have been doing and where their values sit.  

Debora will provide insights on the planning needs for the development so that best practices are incorporated into the design. 

Vasko will prompt the audience to consider the build qualities required. How will the buildings relate to the site? In turn how do we want that to relate  to the community infrastructure prioritised?

Karl will help visualise CLT’s in Daylesford and surrounds from a strategic point of affordable and ecological housing. Also discussed will be the need to expand our steering committee and the qualities we are looking for. 

In summary, we are doing participatory design, collective and contributory design where everyone interested in CLT’s gets to contribute their vision for them. As ‘experts’ we can give our own advice, guidance, but the vision should belong to Daylesford’s CLT stakeholders.

We look forward to seeing you on the night as we build momentum towards an affordable housing model where local accountability is paramount. 

Watch the recording of our last event, introducing the CLT concept to the community. 

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