Greater Adelaide Regional Plan Submission

South Australia has a well deserved reputation as an innovative and progressive state. Grounded encourages the GARP to continue that tradition and to fully leverage the opportunities presented in the development of the plan to maximise the benefits for current and future generations of South Australians. This is an opportunity to create a more socially equitable and cohesive community and to minimise the impacts of locational disadvantage. It is vital our communities become greener and more resilient in adapting to climate change. 

Building a strong, smart, clean, regenerative economy will ensure South Australia is well placed to face future global uncertainties and for government revenue to be able to fund essential infrastructure. Underpinning all of this, is the need for a greater range of appropriate housing in the most suitable locations. Secure housing provides the stable foundation for people to build their lives, grow their families and build strong and resilient communities.  

Grounded believes that along with effective policy levers at both the state and federal level, that community led housing provides the best approach to balancing competing interests and long term positive outcomes. We suggest that GARP adds intergenerational impacts into their decision making and outcomes measurements. Too many interventions benefit only the initial subsidy recipient rather than contributing to long term, community benefit. It is time to restore a better balance between the individual resident and the community, between local wages and housing costs. It is paramount that policy and planning decisions are made for the benefit of the whole community rather than those who are likely to profit most.

If Community Land Trusts (CLTs) were championed by a visionary government agenda and coupled with philanthropy, impact investment and tailored mortgage instruments for residents, CLTs and community led housing projects could become the preferred vehicle by which the progressive aspirations of the GARP are materialised in South Australia. 

Read the full submission here.

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