Reclaim Your Housing Future!

It’s time we took our housing future into our own hands! The Hepburn Shire affordability strategy had ‘innovative housing models’ as the no1 priority as chosen by its citizens at the Housing Forum. 

This event will discuss the ability of Community Land Trusts to be that innovation vehicle. This housing model acts to keep housing perpetually affordable, in time funding more affordability. 

A small group has come together to raise philanthropic support for a 20 home venture. Much more needs to be done. We want to build a steering group for what could be possible if we could access residential land here in Daylesford. 

The event will include a presentation on Community Land Trusts by Grounded’s Karl Fitzgerald. He is a Hepburn resident and housing economist who has recently enjoyed a number of tax reform victories to assist Victorian affordable housing. Now it is time to put this into practice at a local level. 

He will be joined by Vasko Drogriski, a local designer builder with a passion for earth building. He is ardent about the need to reduce building costs. 

We will present the concept and hope that it will be the start of a community collaboration towards a CLT housing project. What could we do on 1-2 acres? How would you like to have housing designed? What community infrastructure is key? How can we enable community living that is harmonious and hassle free?

Join us as we work together to build a better future. 

Keeping land under community ownership is key to a more flexible future. 

You can find out more via Grounded’s Facebook event or RSVP here. Streaming will also be provided but we’d love to see you in person. 

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