Victorian Budget Submission Thank you for the opportunity to submit for budget and governance support to assist Grounded’s mission – to provide more community led development (CLD) and therefore perpetually affordable housing.  We congratulate the Allan government for the expansion of the Vacant Residential Land Tax, the introduction of the Windfall Gains Tax and reducing land tax […]

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Greater Adelaide Regional Plan Submission

South Australia has a well deserved reputation as an innovative and progressive state. We encourage the GARP to continue that tradition and to fully leverage the opportunities presented in the development of the plan to maximise the benefits for current and future generations of South Australians. This is an opportunity to create a more socially equitable and cohesive community and to minimise the impacts of locational disadvantage. It is vital our communities become greener and more resilient in adapting to climate change.

Building a strong, smart, clean, regenerative economy will ensure South Australia is well placed to face future global uncertainties and for government revenue to be able to fund essential infrastructure. Underpinning all of this, is the need for a greater range of appropriate housing in the most suitable locations. Secure housing provides the stable foundation for people to build their lives, grow their families and build strong and resilient communities.

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Reclaim Your Housing Future! It’s time we took our housing future into our own hands! The Hepburn Shire affordability strategy had ‘innovative housing models’ as the no1 priority as chosen by its citizens at the Housing Forum.  This event will discuss the ability of Community Land Trusts to be that innovation vehicle. This housing model acts to keep

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Grounded submission to The worsening rental crisis in Australia inquiry

The widespread rental crisis in Australia is continuing to escalate. The increase in housing costs, both in the ownership and rental housing markets, is having devastating impacts on individuals, families and communities. Recent reports based on homelessness services data show a dramatic increase in demand for services with women and children being among the fastest growing groups. The flow

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2023 Annual Report

Dear supporters, There has never been a more poignant time in the housing landscape to advocate for CLT’s in Australia. Our first year has been dynamic, building an agile board of experts across community development, academia and well versed rebels wanting housing firmly entrenched as a human right. I am excited and optimistic about our

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Campaign Manager – Housing

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Campaign Manager in Housing to join Grounded Community Land Trust Advocacy (NGO). As an advocacy expert, you will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to promote affordable and sustainable housing solutions for vulnerable populations. You will be responsible for designing and implementing strategic advocacy campaigns, utilising your

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